Residential closings
Commercial closings
Mobile closings
Business Set Up
Deed / Review Preparation

Why We Are Better

Coverage area – CLG provides a wide mobile closing coverage area. We can cover virtually the whole state of Georgia. We can also cover signings for most of South Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida.

Accessibility – CLG prides ourselves on our prompt accessibility to our clients. Whether you prefer to communicate via phone, text or email we are ready and waiting to hear from you (as well as respond to you immediately or almost immediately). Over communication is key, you can never go wrong over communicating.

Experience – All of our attorneys have years of experience and know how to handle every type of closing. They all have closed hundreds if not thousands of deals.

Feedback – We are constantly seeking out feedback from our clients to hear how we can better serve them. We encourage and welcome feedback to better learn how we can improve our service.

Bilingual – We have attorneys/notaries that are fluent in Spanish to serve the ever-expanding Hispanic market.
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