What do you do to ensure our customers privacy and security regarding personal information?
We are a Secure Insight Registered Agent. Additionally, we utilize a software system that only my attorneys and I have access to. It is password protected and we have to log in in order to access the closing documents.

Can you accept last minute signing orders?
Most of the time yes, we have a team of mobile attorneys waiting to serve you.

Do you provide fax backs?
Yes, happy to do fax backs if needed. Additionally, we confirm all closings ahead of time with the signers. Finally, you will receive a completion status with tracking information after closing.

Do you overnight documents back the same day as signing?
Yes, whenever humanly possible we drop documents the same day as signing. Obviously, depending on the time and location of the signing that is not always possible. However, we always make the effort to drop the same day as best as able.

Do you perform closings at night and on weekends?
Yes, we do a ton of closings at night and on the weekends. Our clients love evening closings because they do not have to take time off from work.

Do you fix errors in a timely fashion?
Absolutely, any and all post closing errors are corrected as soon as humanly possible. Mistakes are made… the key is getting them corrected in a timely fashion to keep your clients happy.

Do you close wherever the signer wants to sign?
Yes, we will meet with your signer wherever they want us to. We have conducted signings in homes, offices, coffee shops, military bases, hospitals, hotels, and even the airport.
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