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Our mission at Conlon Law Group (CLG) is simple… to provide outstanding closing services. We do this by being accessible to clients at all times. We can promise you no attorneys respond to you quicker than we do. We pride ourselves on covering a large geographic area that many other closing attorneys do not or will not cover. We can cover signings in most of Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida.

All we do is closings so we do them right, and we do them well. We have encountered and solved every type of problem that can occur at the closing table. Rest assured, we know the importance of a signing to customers and treat them as such. Our primary clients are title companies, law firms and signings services. All services are in compliance with the state guidelines for real estate closings.


The old way of doing closings is going away folks. Meaning, the days of showing up at a stuffy attorney office that has smelly furniture from the 1970’s or is so nice you see why you are paying exorbitant attorney fees. No folks, the new way of doing closings is here and has been for a few years now. That being, the attorney comes to you and your clients. Whether that be in a client’s home, office or a coffee shop, this is the way closings get done now and in the future. For purchases, we can still close the old fashion way in an office.

If you are a law firm or title company and you are not offering mobile closings to your clients you are behind the eight ball. Why? The reason being is that your competitors are offering that service. People are busy and love the fact that we come to them. They say all the time they wish they would have known about this a long time ago. Do not let your business get left behind!

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